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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Your Camping Holidays

   We propose below a list of questions / answers that will allow you to better know and understand how camping works. Now well known as the outdoor accommodation. You will receive information upon booking with all information you may need to help answer your questions.

- Is there a ranking for campgrounds ?
- What PRL means ?
- What is a rural campsite ?
- Should we book the location in advance ?
- How much is your holiday ?
- Are services and activities payable?
- Are pets admitted ?
- Do we have to pay a fee for pets ?
- Have we got the right to make barbecues on the site ?
- How are furnished accommodations offered by the campsites ?
- What do you find in an accommodation rental ?
- How much is a holiday in mobile home ?
- Do we have to do an inventory ?
- Who does the cleaning ?
- May we buy a mobile home and install it on a campsite ?
- What does the quality camping mean ?
- Why this process ?
- Why do some campsites mention "Tourism" and other "Leisure" ?
- In a campsite rated "Tourism", is it sure to find a pitch ?

Is there a ranking for campgrounds ?

Yes, campsites are ranked by stars. A place may be crowned with one, two, three or four stars. The decision of a classification *, **, *** or **** is taken by a prefectural order after advice from the French CDAT (Departmental Commission of the Touristic Action). This commission is composed of government 's representatives, but also union members of the outdoor accommodation (owners of campsite) and representatives of users (campers) through the French Federation of Camping and caravanning (FFCC).
Thus composed, the commission visits the camp and establishes their classification according to standards set by the decree of January 11th, 1993, concerning the classification of the campgrounds. Remember that these standards are based on the quantitative aspect of the equipment. Stars indicate therefore simply the nature (and often the number) of equipment that you will find on the site. Thus, to have a four-star, a campsite has to offer, among other things, a meeting room, night lighting, internal roads and 16 sinks in the cabin with hot water for 80 locations. However, recall that a camping **** is not obliged to have a swimming pool or a restaurant.

What PRL means ?

A PRL is a residential leisure park, an equiped landscape mainly dedicated to long term rental.

What is a rural campsite ?

In addition to star-classified campsites, there are approximately 2,000 campsites called rural that are classified into two categories: natural areas and campsites on the farm.
A farm campsite cannot offer more than six places for a maximum capacity of twenty people. The area locations must reach 300m. Regarding the natural area, it can offer from seven to twenty-five places with an area of ??400 m each. These rural campsite can be affiliated or not to one or more networks, such as Gites de France, Bienvenue la ferme or Acceuil-Paysan. Note: these campsites permit to discover the farm world and agriculture. Prices are very affordable.

Should we book the location in advance ?

Some establishment only work on request, especially in high season (July-August), but this practice is not widespread. However, to rent a mobile home, a cottage or a bungalow canvas, it is necessary to book. And this is strongly advised to do it well in advance, especially if you want to take your holidays between July 15th and August 15th...

How much is your holiday ?

It is determined freely by campsite and does not depend on the quality of the establishment. Rates must be posted at the entrance of the campsite, as the establisment rules.

Are services and activities payable?

Access to services and activities (swimming pool, fitness room, nightclubs, shows, sports tournaments ...) is free, with few exceptions. However, some activities are sometimes offered through a financial contribution: mini golf (rental clubs), tennis, horseback riding, organised activities (kayaking, tours, etc..), bike hire... It goes without saying that the so-called comfort services (bar, ice cream, restaurant, takeaway, grocery, shops, laundry) are not free. Of course, the public WC are free, but the use of washing machines is payable.
Note: if all services are open from July to August, remember that in the beginning and in the end of the season, it is not always the case, especially with regarding the evenings. Again, be sure to have all information from the campsite.

Are pets admitted ?

Ask before arriving at campsite or at the time of booking. Still, remember that generally, your pet must be vaccinated and stamped. In addition, your pet must be leashed on the campsite and never be left alone. A vaccination document (updated) is requested upon arrival at the place of your vacation. Do not forget it.

Do we have to pay a fee for pets ?

There are no generality. Some accept them for free throughout the year or in low season. Others practice a specific rate. Still remember that more and more establishment are charing high prices, and thus discouraging prices...

Have we got the right to make barbecues on the site ?

Yes of course, but some areas are situated in high-fire-risk areas ban them. Sometimes, only the charcoal barbecues are prohibited unlike gas appliances. To avoid carrying an unnecessary devise, it is best to ask the campsite manager. Remember still that many institutions offer free barbecue, furnished in secured locations.

How are furnished accommodations offered by the campsites ?

For several years now, campsites have offered accommodation to rent. Very functional, mobile homes and chalets have a living room (with table, sofa, cupboards), a kitchenette. Also bathroom with toilet, which are sometimes separated. These ones (integrated) prevent the occupants of a mobile home to attend the common facilities of the campsite. Depending on the size of the accommodation, there is also one, two or three rooms with double or single bed. Note: a mobile-home or chalet offerng six beds does not mean it has three rooms for two people ... Indeed, the living room is often used as an extra bedroom with a sofa bed. For the convenience of parents, it is recommended to opt for accommodation which parents and children rooms are not side by side. Some establishments include in their brochures photos and detailed plans of their vacation rentals.

What do you find in an accommodation rental ?

Depending on the standing of mobile-home, the equipment level is more or less important. At a minimum, you will find an equipied kitchen with (normally) a refrigerator, hot plates and dishes. The oven is not always provided. The same regarding the garden. In the high-standing rentals, you sometimes find a television, telephone, freezer, air condition, a dishwasher, a washing machine...
Warning: sheets are not always provided. But it is possible to rent them on site. It is often possible to rent on site a oven, a refrigerator, a bed and a highchair, or a television. Inform yourself before going on holiday.

How much is a holiday in mobile home ?

In July and August, prices vary from 380€ to 1000€ for a week. Off season, it takes from 180€ to 535€. It depends on the situation of the campsite (seaside, mountains ...), the services offered (swimming pool, tennis, restaurants ...) and of course the surface of the mobile-home, number of beds that it allows and its level of equipment (refrigerator, freezer ...). The price of electricity, water and gas is included. However, in some municipalities, a tax is imposed. Depending on the campsite, the amount that the tax is either included in the rental price, or to pay extra. This tax cannot exceed 0.55€ per night per person. Note: in low season (May, June, September and October), importante discounts are offered depending on the length of vacations or weekend formulas. For one week stay, know that rentals are generally made from Saturday to Saturday.
Also note that a deposit or down payment in proportion to the duration of the planned vacation and booking fee or folder are regularely requested. Some campsites also propose cancellation insurance (optional). Upon arrival, the campsite reception may ask for payment of the balance at time of your arrival. In addition, a deposit may be required to secure any damage caused in the mobile-home. It will be returned after the inventory and after you leave the accommodation. The contract must indicate the deadline for the return of the deposit.

Do we have to do an inventory ?

Yes, it's better when you arrive. If the staff cannot be present for the inventory, do it yourself. And report immediately to the reception any dysfunctions and items missing from the list we gave you. When you leave your rental at the end of your trip, do not forget to clean and leave the mobile-home in the same condition as you found it when you arrive. Otherwise, you may be charged for the cleaning. Indeed, some establishments propose a "cleaning" option that many guest do not hesitate to book.

Who does the cleaning ?

You. Renting a mobile-home is not -yet- comparable with the benefits of a traditional hotel stay. And if you do not make your bed in the morning, the staff will not do it for you!

May we buy a mobile home and install it on a campsite ?

Yes, there are about 500 campsites and residential leisure park in France that have areas designed to accommodate mobile-homes owned by individuals. It is better to choose the field before committing to buy a mobile-home.

What does the quality camping mean ?

At the initiative of FNHPA and FFCC (French associations for quality of campsite), Quality Campsite association has developed a label of quality recognized and supported by the French Secretary of State for Tourism. To become a Quality Campsite, a campsite must be controlled by an independent audit upon 500 criteria. Today, more than 800 campsites are responding to this national label and are committed to provide a warm welcome, a perfect cleaning, a precise and true information, and a quiet and private location.

Why this process ?

Simply because the prefecture stars-classification determines the quantitative aspect of equipment (number of bathrooms, surface sites ...), but it does not measure the quality (reception, cleaning ...). Therefore a small one-star campsite can correspond to the label and, on the contrary, a **** can be recalibrated. Quality Campsite label is a complement of famous stars classification.

Why do some campsites mention "Tourism" and other "Leisure" ?

Nearly 80% of classified campsites in the category "Tourism", that means more than half of the locations, is assigned to the passing tourist or short stays. The grounds that are ranked "Leisure" are those that more a half of the sites is dedicated to long stays (one month or more).

In a campsite rated "Tourism", is it sure to find a pitch ?

No. Not necessarily. Indeed, the accommodation being installed on these sites "Tourism", they can take place on almost all. So be careful, make sure, before your arrival, they are available.

Source : French Federation of Campsite Caravaning.